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Strongman Sandbag Kit | 50-125lbs (57 kg)
Once upon a time, the government actually considered gardening the duty of every American. Once upon a time, homesteading was patriotic.
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leondavibe 27 Sep 2018 shared via Twitter
And arguably that is who bitcoin was created for So the avg to poor guy can escape the prison of his currencies devaluation Not to protect those that cause it by giving them un cofiscatable vault Limiting the block does exactly this

BMangangeni May 6 shared via Twitter
Today 1 Vault = $121.50. You can not say that about Fiat currencies like Pula, Dollar, Rand coz they lose value everyday due to inflation. But Bitcoin Vault is RECESSION PROOF, INFLATION PROOF, CORONA PROOF, LOCKDOWN PROOF!! Call +27820953141 Bangani watssp :

BMangangeni Apr 15 shared via Twitter
Let me show you something 👇 If you manage to get just 2 Bitcoin Vault and prince goes up to *$4000 per coin in Rand it will be worth of *(R146000)* just only two coin 🤔 Do your maths too✅ Vault Mining ✅ is future✅

leondavibe 27 Sep 2018 shared via Twitter
And arguably that is who bitcoin was created for So the avg to poor guy can escape the prison of his currencies devaluation Not to protect those that cause it by giving them un cofiscatable vault Limiting the block does exactly this

Coin_Shark 19 Jan 2018 shared via Twitter
Thanks Raptor, nice to hear I could add something to your views!

syedumarahmed 13 Jan 2018
Dead! It ll come doing to 5k wait for 2 months!

CryptoAcres 12 Jan 2018
BTC coming to a triangle. Here's a possibility. What do you think @DecentralizedTV

shanak 12 Jul 2018

CryptoNoobGirl 17 Nov 2017
Thanks 21 C's! 😘 Honored to be on the same list with all you badass badasses😉🤘

BainsBlog 11 Jan 2018
Superman, was born with powers. Whatever powers 'Bitcoin' would have would have to be innate.

Reuters 27 Nov 2017
Daily Briefing: - Clues to new year market trends - Bitcoin edges towards $10,000 mark - Euro slips, sterling firms, rand falls

WinwithRick 11 May 2018
Looking forward to buying a lightscape bro ! Keep up the incredible work 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 Jets are going down though 😂

needacoin 10 Nov 2017
I'm ignoring the no specific order and going right into my victory speech. I would like to thank my mom for making this possible. Also I wanna say thanks to everyone who came out today, without you guys I would just be nothing. The fans, the people who bought my bags. Love y'all

mattblaze 23 Oct 2017
There's a lot to dislike about the world we're in, but at least Ayn Rand didn't have bitcoin to write about.

CryptoBull 29 Mar 2018
Peter just blocked me... someone tell him to unblock me pls

anylaurie16 6 Nov 2017
youd love to throw the book at that guy. Rand wants this to go away. I see your bet and raise you 10k. (This is all bitcoin btw)

Crypto_Ed_NL 9 Nov 2017
You dont seem to realize that we are already flooded with notifications (50-100p/hr) and these kind of tags making it even more worse.

NationalAnarchy 13 Sep 2018
I like that you, as a voluntarist, chose to feature Ayn Rand, who was not a voluntarist. The two sides like to hate each other, but they have the same goals, they just disagree on the means to get there.

EverAbundance88 4 May 2018
Funny how Ayn Rand reader cant tell that Blockstream has hijacked BTC, crippling it, to force a layer 2 haha 10 bits

Panama_TJ 24 Aug 2018
Apparently I am top 24 Top Writer on Bitcoin on , two spots behind and 3 spots above . Proof of ranking: My medium: Thanks , for sharing and advising me to move my stuff to .

zach_cpt 17 Jan 2018
South African fintech in 2018 – what can we expect? - Fintech continues to surprise, with little to touch the rise of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in 2017, writes Dominique Collett, senior investment executive at Rand Merchant Investments and the head...

CryptoMeNowNews 10 Mar 2018

derykmakgill 20 Apr 2018
Core: “Do you mean to tell me that you’re thinking seriously of spending your Bitcoin on coffee?” BCH: “Yes.” Core: “My dear fellow, who will let you?” BCH: “That’s not the point. The point is, who will stop me?” - Ayn Rand on Bitcoin Cash

hrcsupervol01 16 Jul 2018
Rand was one of the first politicians to accept bitcoin. He was one of the politicians against sanctions too right? Noticing a parallel? I wouldn’t be surprised if the Tea Party was a Russian led insurgency and Ron Paul was Russian backed as well

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