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Sunny's Easy Baked Lemon Sole and Spring Onions
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Shrimp Scampi Tetrazzini
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Food Network™ Baking Sheet
Food Network Baking Sheet - Kohl's
Butterscotch Love Cake
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Mississippi Mud Cake
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5 Slab Pies for Your Summer Party
Nectarine and Raspberry Slab Pie - Pies of the circular persuasion are here to stay, but this rustic, freeform number might sway you away from your pie-crimpin' customs for a beat. Baked on a preheated baking sheet, it's like an oversized, super-flaky hand pie filled with juiciest-as-ever fruit.
Mini Creamsicle Baked Alaskas
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Matcha Thumbprint Cookies with Chocolate and Walnuts
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Classic Granola
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Chewy Almond and Cherry Thumbprint Cookies
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Farberware® Nonstick 12-Cup Muffin Pan
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Broccoli-Cheddar Oven Risotto
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15 Easy New Sheet Cake Recipes from Food Network’s Test Kitchen — Food Network Magazine
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Super Chocolatey Buttons
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Apple Fries
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Animal Crackers
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Chocolate Chunk Blondies
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Carrot Cake-Cheesecake
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Holiday Swirled Sugar Cookies
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Maple Oat Nut Scones
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Four-Flavor Sheet Pan Pie
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JrzGrly 28 Aug 2018 shared via Twitter
@lowcarb77 what can be used to line baking sheets if parchment paper isn't available? See need a show on the so you can teach people these things!

grandmatup5 3 Dec 2018 shared via Twitter
Watching Holiday Baking Championship tonight & noticed Sarah put large metal spoons on her cookie sheets. Why??

tc1261 2 Sep 2012 shared via Twitter
Woo-hoo! Nothing wrong with getting excited about your new cookie sheets! Get baking!!!! lol! ;)

Kohls 17 Sep 2013 shared via Twitter
A cookie making must-have: baking sheets.

GeorgetteRain 22 Dec 2013 shared via Twitter
When baking cookies at our house we use 2 cookie sheets, using 1, while the other cools down.

VickiSMcKinney 3 Dec 2018
why are there spoons on the baking sheets when Sara brings them out of the oven?

_PhillipHo 10 May 2014
It's official: and have finally taught me how to solve my grime problem of baking sheets. To that I say, arigatou!

mneuhouser 23 Sep 2013

RobSky63 7 Dec 2018
Wife gave me an early Christmas present of the OXO cookie press. Love it but the recipes included are a little too dry. Look for basic butter spritz recipe and freeze or at least chill the cookie sheets. A wreath cookie with a small amount of jam in the center b4 baking--YUM!

simplybudgeted 28 Sep 2013
My baking must have is baking sheets. I can't have enough of them. Love this one

Carrieoakie May 13
Seeing line the baking sheets with foil made me LOL cause I do that, too! And I learned it from my family doing it for years!I do it when I don't feel like doing dishes - now that we have good sheet pans I don't do it as much. Just special "lazy" occasions.

tcamond623 19 Jun 2016
still many good ones to pull for but Erin is fabulous and such a sweetie. Bring on the baking sheets 👍🏻

SugarBowlBakery 5 Dec 2012
RT Placing raw cookie dough on a hot baking sheet leads to uneven baking. Cool sheets by running the bottom under cold water.

MmeClk 25 Nov 2018
Break out the bourbon, baking sheets and pastry bags! After watching Baking Championships almost all day yesterday, I'm ready to pilfer @lowcarb77 some of Jason's techniques and recipes. More fun than a herd of tipsy elves!🎄🎅🍪

FlyoverRed 5 Dec 2012
Or rotate baking between 2 cookie sheets. One cools down; the other's in the oven. Assuming cookie dough makes it on sheet!

MyMothersSecret 27 Jun 2014
It's ridiculous how many UPC stickers are left on the utensils, baking sheets, powder sugar shakers, etc used on

LiftVersusDrag 18 Oct 2016
He could have made award winning peanut brittle with those baking sheets and whatnot. Maybe even gotten on The Food Network.

gracylufrebsh 22 Jul 2018
Ok... on food network when they put foil on baking sheets, how do they do it so fast?!? Literally I painstakingly put it on and it’s still fucked 😭🤦🏼‍♀️

OrvillesHome 23 May 2012
RT : Kitchen Tip: Keep baking sheets, cheese+ cutting boards organized by stacking them on their side using desktop file holder.

BrooksideRaider 18 Aug 2018
Chef Scott, I've got a question that's been bugging me a while. On the baking competitions on Food Network, how is it possible that the bakers remember every single recipe for anything? There's got to be cheat sheets involved, doesn't there?

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