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Father's Day Cards Digital Ecards for Distance Learning
Identify Shapes Digital Clip Cards
Perfect for Distance Learning. Google clip cards are perfect for kindergartners and 1st graders to practice identifying shapes. First grade students and kindergarten students can name the shapes, both 3D and 2D. Elementary students will identify the base sheet of real objects. Easy to a sign via Google Drive and Google classroom. Perfect for at home learning. #distancelearning
5 Ways to Engage Parents Using Google Drive
Corkboard Connections: 5 Ways to Engage Parents Using Google Drive
Tricks & Treats Blog Hop [Elementary Entourage]
Elementary teacher looking for a classroom management idea to increase parental involvement in the classroom? Seesaw: a fantastic technology in the classroom app for sharing students work online! Parents can sign in/download the app and receive notifications when their child posts! Great digital portfolios and easy technology integration!
Mother's Day & Father's Day Cards Digital Ecards for Distance Learning Bundle
Morning Greeting Choices • Morning Greeting Signs -DISTANCE LEARNING
Use these morning greeting choices to build relationships and set a positive tone for your elementary students at the beginning of each day! FREE UPDATE! NOW INCLUDES 12 CONTACTLESS GREETINGS FOR DISTANCE LEARNING
Handout: Sign Language
Handout: Sign Language – SLP Insights
FREE Remote Learning Workshop for Teachers
In light of the fast, global spread of COVID-19, schools all over the world have closed for varying amounts of time and put educators in the position of needing to learn how to facilitate distance learning -- and quickly. This FREE workshop will teach you everything you need to know about remote learning so that you and your students can be successful while teaching and learning from home. Click through now to sign up for this free remote teaching workshop! #remoteteaching #distancelearning
Love the home sign in background. Might do this in our new home corner/laundry.
Home Decoration 2018
Free Shipping Toy Story Birthday decoration, Welcome To The Roundup Standing Sign Western Birthday Decoration, Toy Story Decor, Cowboy Party
My Teacher Misses Me | Yard Sign | Editable | FREE
My Teacher Misses Me | Yard Sign | Editable | FREE by Mrs Hoffer's Spot | Teachers Pay Teachers
Your place to buy and sell all things handmade
Large wood sign with scripture, hand painted wooden sign, Enjoy the journey quote, Proverbs 16:9, vi
Distance Learning: Postcards
Tell your students you miss them and are thinking about them with these FREEBIE student postcards while doing distance learning! Reach out to your students during this difficult time of social distancing and school closures to encourage feelings of support and encouragement. Our little friends thrive on personal connections and will love hearing from you.
Signs By Benchmark faux tree at kids zone
Speech Filters - Think Before Speaking Guidance Art Print for Classroom, Office or Home
Simple Strategies That Can Help Support Children Who Have Autism
Simple, Everyday Strategies to Support Children who have Autism..Although autism and its related conditions can be very complex to work with and can vary greatly between children it is often the case that simple and straight forward approaches and strategies can be the most effective in producing positive results. The following are some strategies that are easy to implement in a classroom, home or other environment where children with autism may be present.
Distance Learning
Created this sign for our students when they got to come to school and pick up their devices. Missing them!
READY TO SHIP: If you can dream it, you can do it. Walt Disney, Disneyland, Mickey Mouse ears wood sign, home decor Classroom sign gift
If you can DREAM IT You can do it. Walt Disney von invinyl auf Etsy #disney #disneyfan #disneyquotes
Do your students need fun breaks throughout your virtual instruction? Do you want your students to feel connected, excited & happy? It is time to add Distance Learning Movement Break Signs to your virtual classroom! Just pick a sign/slide and put it up before, during or after a lesson! #distancelearningelementary #distancelearningkindergarten #distancelearningschedule #distancelearningspecialeducation #distancelearningmorningmeeting #virtuallearningclassroom #zoomclasroom #zoomclassmeetingideas
Classroom Decor. Gift for Teacher. Classroom Sign. Personalized Teacher Gift. Teacher Appreciation. Teacher Gift Idea. School Sign. Teacher.
Princess Artypants: Visual Arts in the PYP: Growth Mindset in the Art Room
In This Classroom Poster- FREE!
Music Mysteries - Where is BACH? GOOGLE CLASSROOM Distant Learning
HELP! Johann Sebastian Bach is missing and police need your expert skills to crack the case!This GOOGLE CLASSROOM eLearning "breakout" activity is perfect for a virtual music classroom. This product is based on the PAPER version, CSI: Who is Bach. Students will uncover clues about Bachs life and hi...
This Looks Like A Job For... - Superhero Themed Helpers Board
I love this idea!!!! I think I could use it at home with some modifications too!!! Check out this great post on MPM Ideas!

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