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rakuFlight 8 Apr 2018 shared via Twitter
googleから「Critical security alert」なるメールがきてマジびびった。「Sign-in attempt was blocked」って・・・アクセス元はサンフランシスコ だそうな。メアドはhotmailので最近使ったのはMr. RebatesからPayPalへの出金依頼のみ。ゴミアドレスとは言えヤダなぁ、もぅ(ブツブツ

WeAreATYPICAL 12 Feb 2018 shared via Twitter
RT : 12 new developments are in the works from in 2018 in an attempt to enter the Cloud-based server race with , , and .

amyalkon 6 Dec 2017 shared via Twitter
Well-aware of it. A good-hearted attempt, evidence-backed, by , to solve probs related to sex difs in workplace was met with firing.

jcremer 18 Jan 2018 shared via Twitter
A powerful symbol of the dependence of Europe on the US for IT and digital media: "In February, British MPs will travel to Washington in an attempt to persuade senior executives [from , and ] to divulge more information."

g_yunaev 3 Jan 2018 shared via Twitter
Several times I abandoned my attempt to sign up for the service because the captcha was so incredibly annoying. was the last one.

googleforjobs 2 Feb 2018
News from by The High Five: a peacock and other trends that showed off this week - When a woman’s attempt to board a United Airlines flight with her emotional support peacock was thwarted this week, the internet was up in feathers....

ShadRaza1 5 Feb 2018

CCSell 24 Nov 2017
And for the record - fuck . They are and have always been a monopoly with their hands in our senator’s pockets. Support . Support . Support . Support any local attempt to stop these giant companies who are against .

soumyadeepc89 19 Mar 2018
clearly had an upper hand in product listing as it was more about sales. Interesting attempt by . Need to see how it impacts the Dynamics.

my_socialstream 22 Jan 2018
In an attempt to make search "fun", is letting celebrities shoot videos to respond to commonly asked questions about them. Their video will be displayed in the search results.

lhfang 21 Mar 2018
I like how this filing shows Comcast, Verizon, Google and Facebook all see themselves as equal partners each providing $200k to crush any attempt to create consumer privacy in California

MarcRegnier24 14 Dec 2017
You are seriously the biggest joke of a player ive ever seem. No self-awareness. Not a single unselfish bone in your body. You’re old, washed-up, and watching you attempt to play defense is one of the true joys of my life. But no, keep diggin your google search records. Clown.

Wojtek_44 20 Mar 2018
Of course I can complain about the constant, misleading framing of Poland by the use of phrases like "Polish death camps", "Poland's far-right government" and "Holocaust law". And it would be ridiculous to attempt to blame the Polish gov for the anti-Polish bias in foreign press.

DjoboKuwali 7 Feb 2018
Lol so funny the channels that attempt to tell the truth are discredit as foreign agents. As if being another government in itself is okay, because private companies controlling all media in the US is MUCH more credible.

BGRIndia 20 Feb 2018
Google rebrands to in an attempt to unify all payment services

Tomasthanes 31 Mar 2018
Did you notice that Twitter thought that the post was in Czech and kindly offered to help? should really outsource any attempt at translation to .

scrivener50 19 Feb 2018
BTW, this journo is now BLOCKED from downloading pics on Images. It's how the mil-intel censorship regime run by contractors censor me on in a pathetic attempt to minimize my footprint and impact. HOW AMERICAN FASCISTS SEIZE POWER.

WhereWeAreNowUS 6 Apr 2018
I believe you. But generally, tech business models have captured and exploited personal data in insidious ways while rallying behind Apple for standing up to the government re it’s attempt to access data on natsec issues. I do get the concern particularly in age of this ...

exodus_io 23 Mar 2018
⚠️ Security Alert! There is a fake Exodus Mobile Application currently listed on Google Play (Android). We have filed a takedown request. Mobile support is in our plans, but this is a phishing attempt and is not safe. ⚠️

jenoonan4 25 Mar 2018
thx for catching the attempt by someone in another part of the country to get into my account!👍🏻👍🏻

lynn_weiser 7 Mar 2018
We really need to do this. Many times I am not allowed to retweet things that aren't in any way offensive, but are just truthful. This is a real attempt to use censorship to suppress Conservatives.

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