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Google+ Creates Sign-in: This Week in Social Media
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verge 12 Jun 2019 shared via Twitter

danielkaspo May 22 shared via Twitter
My first reaction to this page was to immediately hit the button (in fact, I didn't even realize there was a text input on this page.) It felt very much like a "Sign in with Google" sort of button - I assumed it would take me to to authorize.

joe606 4 Apr 2019 shared via Twitter
Same problem. Hit the sign in button, select my Gmail account from the list and just get thrown back to the homepage again. looks really broken.

ResilientNancy Feb 11 shared via Twitter
Unwarranted "Nursing/Social Worker" course ad still covering my sign in button. A fellow student he was getting ads for a Master's in Computer Science & my promo ads MUST have been triggered by my browsing history.

backlon 12 Jun 2019 shared via Twitter
Must-read interview by . He asked Google about Apple’s new sign-in button and the answer is basically anything is better than passwords. Also some good pushback / clarity around what Google actually does when you use its login button

BTVI 5 Jun 2019
. Will Ask Developers To Position A New “Sign On With Apple” Button In & Apps Above Rival Buttons From Alphabet Inc’s & , According To Design Guidelines Released This Week

kubokozak 10 Feb 2019
hello. I've done reset of my phone yesterday. When I checked settings, the backup button is greyed out. I tried possibly everything. Reinstall Google apps, clear cache, sign out and back in but it's still same. Can't backup. Can anybody help?

mmadson 30 Jan 2019
titan security key needs to be updated to work on ps4. Can't sign in to youtube app. Also It'd be nice to be able to use Bluetooth button to verify rather than direct connection to pc.

I can't sign in or out of google or youtube. when i click on the "sign in" button, nothing happens. I'll try clearing cache

UpgradedAccount 12 Nov 2019
Hey , all sign in buttons are broken across the web on v80. (Looks like x-site cookies w/o SameSite set are now blocked, which i guess Google domains aren’t setting and the signin JS needs). I have to go to FF to get in everywhere!

GlaciGlaceon 19 Jul 2019
So I've been trying to sign in with Google and it doesn't work at all, and it hasn't for a while. I know the email and pass, but I just can't sign in. The Enter button on my keyboard does nothing and neither does the Next button on the screen. What's going on?

zachzlog 22 Mar 2019
can you make it so when you open google from the desktop you can click the blue sign in button from there without having to look something up so the blue button appears. Thanks

UpgradedAccount 13 Nov 2019
Awesome. Thanks! Glad it can be turned off. It’s curious how Google Chrome ends up pushing a dev release that breaks Google’s other services. Especially something like cookies and all oauth sign in buttons everywhere.

Handgun117 Apr 18
Having the most difficult time trying to contact your support team with a time sensitive issue regarding multiple accounts. You think that when it sends my email telling me someone tried to sign in it would have button that says "RELAX IT WAS ME"

joshua_broome 7 Jul 2019
I cannot find any results in the help section but are there issues right now with signing into Google services? For the last week i have been unable to click the sign in button for google accounts. I cannot find a solution to this problem or answers on your help page.

occultbeast 8 Aug 2019
3/2 update: i can sign in MANUALLY via Incognito tab, but the SIGN IN button on YT automatically tries to log me in to my current Google account; i can't force the SIGN IN page to allow me to input email/password manually, otherwise i could log in just fine.

Shakeeljan276 Feb 26
When i click on sign in button then i type email and password then account disable screen show you can watch this picture i have already appeal in 06 Feb 2020 but no reply no respones please help me my youtube channel is using some one

dankantor 3 Jun 2019
Sign In with Apple… will be required as an option for users in apps that support third-party sign-in…” Many SaaS apps use Sign in w Google bc that’s what businesses use. Requiring Apple consumer login button doesn’t make much sense there.

fayazara May 19
You'll be shocked after seeing our package.json So many unnecessary npm that could have been easily avoided, some of them below. 1. Lodash 2. Vue-clipboard 3. vue read more 4. momentjs 5. Jquery inside a vue project (why?) 6. Vue FB sign in button 7. Vue google sign in

MarleneDejumo May 29
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