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“The Untouchables” Sean Connery & Kevin Costner
Kevin Costner -- (1/18/1955-??). Actor, Singer, Musician, Producer, Director & Businessman. Movies -- "The Untouchables" as Eliot Ness, "Bull Durham" as Crash Davis, "Field of Dreams" as Ray Kinsella, "Dances with Wolves" as Lieutenant Dunbar, "The Bodyguard" as Frank Farmer, "Message in a Bottle" as Garret Blake, "The New Daughter" as John James and "Man of Steel" as Jonathan Kent.
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They're disgracefully direct as well.
They’re disgracefully direct as well. | 19 Reasons You Should Think Twice Before Dating A Scottish Guy
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Guardian and Observer Fashion on Instagram: “Hanging out with @maddenrichard in @guardianweekend today. 🌺 Photographer: @paulfarrellphotography, Stylist: @helenseamons, Grooming:…”
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Bodyguard, la série qui arrive sur Netflix a pulvérisé les aud...
The Bodyguard
The Bodyguard
24 Sultry Photos Of Kevin Costner
In honor of his 58th birthday. Who knew he was so sensual?!
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Miles Utley is a professional Mormon commando/bodyguard who is forced to turn renegade and to question his faith as he investigates a scandal involving assassination and land speculation. Directed by: Craig R. Baxley Starring: Tom Berenger, James Coburn, Kevin Tighe, Andrew Prine, Charlton Heston, Fay Masterson Music by: Gary Chang Release date: January 22, 1995
Whitney Houston Was Guarded About Acting In ‘The Bodyguard,’ But Kevin Costner Helped
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Hmm ... maybe Robb Stark isn't that bad after all?

bchamp93 12 May 2018 shared via Twitter
He makes his "bodyguards" walk into a mall first before him and force normal citizens to step aside because he doesn't want to be anywhere near him

claim_fame 5 Nov 2015 shared via Twitter

Millsy11374 13 Feb 2012 shared via Twitter
Sad to see Whitney's bodyguard is more Kevin James than Kevin Costner

_ChristopherM 17 Mar 2016 shared via Twitter
@_ABARy he's been kicked-off Masters of the Universe and had to leave Hitman's Bodyguard for a Kevin James project.. yesh..

Flesheater1701 11 Mar 2019 shared via Twitter
I just want to be a dick to people today... Wait, oh that's right I am anyway. Yes, just like the arrogant Kevin James I too have bodyguards that tell people not to speak to me or even look in my direction whenever I walk into a public place.

American_USF1 30 Jul 2017
Next thing u know moonlights as a butler & moonlights as a limo driver moonlights as a bodyguard

nicolegasparich 8 Aug 2013
... @jennat69 is your biggest fan you should definitely pick her to win tickets. If so you should get a bodyguard too

James Cameron's little known work in animating Kevin Costner for 'The Bodyguard' as well as creating the ship models for "Battle Beyond The Stars' is probably the mystery link here.

JimKayes 1 Apr 2013
says he's off to Japan too as a Kevin Costner bodyguard for NZ rugby players. Says, Danger is his middle name (it's james).

Double_Oh_Conor 27 Jan 2014
Kevin James needed mad bodyguards for no reason lmfao

So i assume a Kevin Costner’s character is the James Bond of bodyguards

sothisonetime 24 Oct 2009
decades of cuties-40s=cary grant 50s=james dean60s=sean connery/paul newman70s=burt reynolds 80s=kevin costner(yum bodyguard)90s=brad pitt

Jim222001 26 Sep 2016
I heard he makes his bodyguard enter stores before he does and say don't talk to Kevin James or have eye contact.

HDPowerhog 30 Sep 2018
Barbara Wise Charles Meissner Dr. Stanley Heard Barry Seal Johnny Lawhorn Jr Stanley Hugginsed Hershell Friday Kevin Ives Don Henry Keith Coney Keith McMaskle Gregory Collins Jeff Rhodes James Milan Jordan Kettleson Richard Winters Bodyguards Maj William S. Barkley Jr.

cmarieb27 1 Sep 2012
One of the bodyguard type guys at this party, looks like a cross between kevin james and patrick stump, haha

Tuallita 26 Oct 2014
Jay James and Fluer East star in 'The Bodyguard' …: 😎my Kevin Costner!! 😘😘😘😘😘

Steve0LFC Jan 21
3of4 26 – Hershell Friday 27 – Kevin Ives & Don Henry 28 – Keith Coney 29 – Keith McMaskle 30 – Gregory Collins 31 – Jeff Rhodes 32 – James Milan 34 – Richard Winters THE FOLLOWING CLINTON BODYGUARDS ARE ALSO DEAD 35 – Major William S. Barkley, Jr.

GodneysBitch 13 Feb 2013
yes.this video will make you hate justin timberlake,kevin federline,her bodyguard,her parents & regis and kelly

PacKhmer 12 Jun 2018
@MNVKem Khmer and non-Khmer BODYGUARDS, does your commander have honor/dignity/conscience/character as high/valorous as yours?

DivineDeath_ Apr 26
—— ❝Thank you, Malcolm❞ The muscular bodyguard gave a nod as he left to get back to work. James opened it and then smirked as he looked though the pictures. He then handed it over to Kilgrave, it was a file of Jessica. ❝Poor Kevin. Pathetic really.❞

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