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Here comes the BOOM! This was one enjoyable film. It's not the greatest comedy ever, but Kevin James is funny. Why this movie is must see? Because: 1 I do like Kevin James, 2 I really love practicing mma, 3 I idolise Bas Rutten!! And what do you know? All three items in this movie. What I really loved were the authentic techniques and Kevin is really boxing and practicing muay thai with Mark DellaGrotte. Like I said, really fun movie to watch.
Here Comes the Boom (2012) - a heartwarming sports-action-comedy movie.
Everybody loves "Doug Heffernan" ever since he became a comic movie star! Kevin James is a teacher fighting budget cuts to the music program - literally - in the ring. Directed by Frank Coraci (James' "Zookeeper" and Adam Sandler's "The Waterboy").
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Catching up with MMA’s ‘premium’ cut-man ‘Stitch’ Duran *VIDEO* - ( reporter Anton Skoro recently caught up with MMA and boxing cut-man to the stars Jacob “Stitch” Duran at the inaugural World Series of Fighting event in Las Vegas. “Stitch” talked about his role in the new Kevin James movie, “Here Comes the Boom”, in which he played himself. He also discussed a new line of tape he has coming out called “Stitch Premium” and a hemostatic pad to stop bleeding.
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cbatson730 7 Jul 2014 shared via Twitter
@DOC_Boxing Good movie! My brother is in it!

nataliebooth5 26 Aug 2012 shared via Twitter
there's a new Kevin James movie where he starts boxing, looks so funny!! Tell dom:)

kennatothemax 26 Jun 2012 shared via Twitter
kevin james is coming out with a boxing movie needless to say im ecstatic

Dran0n 8 Feb 2013 shared via Twitter
@Mckayderulez Would rather pick fly shit out of pepper with boxing gloves than watch that stupid Kevin James movie.

SugarRayRobins1 27 Jun 2012 shared via Twitter
MMA vs Boxing Kevin James M M A movie 'Here Comes The Boom' video trailer

GVgalore 9 Apr 2017
so is trying to explain why some Kevin James movie is a better boxing movie than Real Steel is wrong

G_Cooley 3 May 2015
"I want Paul Blart to do a boxing movie." "You do know Kevin James made a boxing movie. And it was bad." "Motherfucker, I said Paul Blart."

nataliebooth5 26 Aug 2012
don't know! He plays a school teacher who starts boxing to raise money for the school. Google new Kevin James movie?;)

TheHannahStory 23 Feb 2013
I do. And I have a week spot for Kevin James boxing movies. So nothing has changed.

wasnt this guy in that one kevin james movie with the boxing

pukestains 21 Dec 2015
Drew Remenda looks like he should be training Kevin James in a made for TV boxing movie.

RockyRob 4 Jun 2019
From Kevin James movie to Chris Farley Chippendales audition, where does Andy Ruiz KO of Anthony Joshua rank on the Shirt-Off Fatty Pride scale?

SugarRayRobins1 9 Oct 2012
MMA vs Boxing M M A Quick Quote: Dana White declined 'Boom' part in Kevin James movie because he's...

aguspim 20 Jan 2014
@Ravieus so, are you like Kevin James' movie? Are you trying to save a music department at some HS with Boxing?

TheChewDefense 6 Jun 2014
I refuse to watch it as I hear it gives boxing a bad name & makes it look bad (same w the Kevin James MMA movie

tylerkirken Apr 30
Today I remembered the first movie I ever had the foresight to not see bc it looked terrible. My first sign of true consciousness came when they tried to make a boxing movie with Kevin James

DerekZwick 31 May 2018
All Time favorite player each sport COPY...PASTE...EDIT...GO!! NBA - Stephen Curry NFL - Tom Brady NCAAF - Johnny Manziel NCAAB - Blake Griffin MLB - Nope NHL - Sidney Crosby Boxing - Nope UFC - Kevin James from the movie "Here Comes the Boom"

Watching a movie with Kevin James. Where he's a boxing guy? It's called Das Schwergewicht.

BenHorner16 6 Feb 2017
Bee movie but it's Kevin James boxing to raise money for the school music programme

JamesBucklin316 9 Jul 2016
Nobody likes boxing but they never stop making movies about it. Everyone likes MMA but the only movie stars Kevin James.

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