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YoungGun8140 1 minute ago shared via Twitter
Download the and Join me in Alien UFO Sightings. You'll love it as much as I do.

Btsmaykoook 16 minutes ago shared via Twitter
remember when jungkook was talking about how surprised he was when armys made a surprise and sang young forever 🥺 he’s so precious

sugasanaeh 1 hour ago shared via Twitter
a reminder that break the silence ep 6 will broadcasted later and its bts concert in wembley stadium when armys surprised them singing young forever

chanbaekhyuned 33 minutes ago shared via Twitter
[TRANS] BAEKHYUN IG: "My eyes are a little small, that's why I wanted to feel my eyes big. When I was young, it was definitely big.. why is it smaller now? Now there is an effect that makes your eyes big so I took a picture."

brfootball 17 minutes ago shared via Twitter
May 26, 2004. When Porto stunned the world, led by a young, charismatic coach named Jose Mourinho 🕺

fanpriyamanoban 2 hours ago
If Yeji says it’s young and lich then it’s young and lich from this day onwards 😠

GGUKlESMOON 45 minutes ago
young forever, mikrokosmos, 2!3! and we are bulletproof the eternal sit together at the table of making all armys instantly cry

SamCoatesSky 16 minutes ago
MPs rejecting Dominic Cummings explanation -Douglas Ross -Harriet Baldwin -Sir Roger Gale -Martin Vickers -Peter Bone -Craig Whittaker -Robert Goodwill -Paul Maynard -Mark Pawsey -Robert Syms -Tim Loughton -Jason McCartney -Peter Aldous -John Stevenson

BTS_History613 36 minutes ago
remember when the boys got so surprised and went emotional when the 60K armys who attended bts wembley concert sung 'Young Forever' for them😭😭 prepare your tissues bow armys bc we're going to witness this moment laterㅠㅠㅠ

hunniesday 37 minutes ago
Baekhyun said he has small eyes so he wants to have a feel of what it’s like to have big eyes 😂😂🤣🤣 & he said when he was young, he had big eyes but it grew smaller as he grew 🤣🥺 WHY IS HE SO ADORABLE 😭🥰❤️

nctdaoying 2 hours ago
180428 Do! Digest - Doyoung talking about the plants his parents raised JH: Have the two of you grown any plants when you were young? DY: I didn’t grow them but my parents grew a lot of plants and I remember watering them together too JH: What kind? 1/2

brianklaas 43 minutes ago
Trump took the tragic death of a young woman, Lori Klausutis, and has tried to exploit it for political gain in the most disgusting way imaginable. This letter from her husband to asking him to delete Trump’s sick tweets is a heart-wrenching must read.

wonubliss 2 hours ago
so cute, so young, so lovely 🥺😭

sakuraseokjin 31 minutes ago
wait, wembley oomfs drop ur young forever pics 🥺

obladioblapaul 21 hours ago
a thread of paul mccartney but he gets older as you keep scrolling 💗

lorraine1locked 1 hour ago

YoungWildTycoon 32 seconds ago

WilliamsRuto 39 minutes ago
My heartfelt condolences to Hon. Eric Mwangi, MCA Konyu Ward in Nyeri County, following the death of your wife, Catherine Nyambura. May God give you strength as you mourn the mother of your two young boys. Rest In Peace Catherine.

drivemycartney 37 minutes ago
paul mccartney singing 'when i'm sixty-four' at 76 - being 64 apparently seemed really old to him back then when he wrote it, but here he is and without losing his hair.

Bratbratzz 1 minute ago
Young teen nail tech 💕, first time doing press on nails, STILL AINT BOOK YET???! don’t miss out ‼️ please retweet and like to raise my clientele

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