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“Got Pecs?” – Great Links to Websites with Free Pecs
Links to PECS, pictures, and schedules all FREE
High School Resources - Resources - New York City Department of Education
#more.than.a.diagnosis #autism
Daily Visual Schedule for Kids Free Printable - Natural Beach Living
This Wonderful Daily Visual Schedule is exactly what everyone needs. Perfect for special needs children, Autism, and children that do best with a visual plan. Organization at home or school with FREE PRINTABLES
Activity and Choice Boards for Autism
FREE communication boards created by Speech Language Pathologists with years of experience working with Autistic children in educational, clinical and home therapy environments. This "Visual - Choices and Activities" for Autism communication set contains more than 15 high quality, beautifully designed communication boards with speech output (children's voices) and can be used on the free Pogo Boards iPad app. Printable files are also included for a low-tech option! #autism #BHSM #AAC
PECS for free to print out. Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources. Follow all our boards at for therapy resources.
Improving Communication Skills for Non-Verbal Children Through the Use of Aided Language Boards
How to Get Started with PECS for Your Autistic Child
If your child has a speech or language delay, their speech therapist may suggest several strategies to help them with communication. For us, and for many, the most useful strategy has been PECS. But what are PECS and how do you get started with them?
How PECS Brings "Speech" to Non-Verbal Children - Speech And Language Kids
PECS Available For Download ⋆ The Autism Mom
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Free Printable Pecs Cards | Found on keefamily Handy Free Pecs Printables
How to Get Started with PECS for Your Autistic Child
In our world, P is for PECS. PECS stands for Picture Exchange Communication System and is a huge part of our lives. Learn about it today on Autism A to Z.
Free Printable Pecs Cards | Velcro magnets that serves as the classroom, at the classroom, at we
Details on how one family organizes their visual supports in the house.
Downloadable Visual Cues, Picture Cards, Schedules, Token Boards
pecs 16
Great website for real life pictures for picture boards or social stories / pecs cards. .. what do you want to eat? -for a non verbal child
The Budget SLP: Miami-Dade: Volumes of Visual Supports
Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) Binder - Mothers Raising Brothers
Commenting Visuals for Students Who Are Nonverbal - The Autism Helper
choice board
Interactive Visuals for Commenting, Asking, and Answering Questions | Speechy Musings
Speechy Musings: Save yourself some time!! Check out my Interactive Visuals for Commenting, Asking, and Answering Questions!!

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