optimum sagemcom router all red lights - Newburyport-today

ciderickVII 2 Feb 2019 shared via Twitter
what’s up with the crappy Sagemcom router? All red lights & totally bricked. You suck.

DannyMontanaa_ 9 Dec 2018 shared via Twitter
you literally suck, I haven’t had internet service for a week !! Everything just buffers. And can i get in contact with anyone, nope, never!! All Your bots just they tell me to restart my modem and router. It did nothing. I’m switching to

ChrisHombach 7 Nov 2013 shared via Twitter
@Mrwarren29 @OptimumOffers y can't I watch all my TV on WiFi and not only on my router

carlos4nmt 9 Oct 2014 shared via Twitter
my home internet is down. What's going on. Router and modem reset. All cords secured. Nothing. Help!?!

AttackOfTheAfro 25 Jul 2017 shared via Twitter
Story of my life man, has been happening a while now. New router helped and they all sent a new modem.

cjm427 18 May 2015
internet is awful. On 3 devices (all < 2 years old), sitting five feet from THEIR modem and router, and it hardly ever connects

gjamz 25 May 2018
having some serious issues with internet connectivity even after resetting modem and router. All was well two hours ago - any issues I should be aware of?

angustia3 15 Apr 2016
need to improve the Internet in my area I'm constantly getting kicked off from my router go back and fourth all day/ night it sucks

CharbokFGC 14 Jun 2017
I had a rep come out and got a new router factory reset and all that. Still fucked up

KonkaBass 29 Jun 2018
Are you using your ISP's stock router? They're all absolute garbage,. Gotta shell out for something that can do 5Ghz and the latest "ac" wifi standard.

Bizarre_Jelly 21 Jan 2018
My mother and I had to physically go to optimum to get a better router after we were paying for the premium and still being throttled now my connection is perfect and doesn’t drop at all

JaredBanyard 8 Nov 2015
All you need for dual load balanced Optimum Ultra 101 connections :) (the R7000 is overkill, needed a 2nd router)

Desmondcain91 30 Dec 2018
internet been janky all weekend can’t stream can’t play cant do nothing resets both router and modem what’s up y’all doing work or something

spf13 21 Jan 2018
Not ALL of it. I have so many IoT devices my router struggles 😂

NETDUMA 30 Oct 2014
yes there is! To get optimum connection you need to get ALL traffic going through ND router

Cz_x_Ant 22 Dec 2018
This company has alot of fixing today after this month im going to verizon im tired of my router restarting at random times of the day and now its not working at all but my cable still works yea this company has offically become the worse provider for internet!...

BBBBillFarlie 20 Jan 2019
you can restart the router all you want but if there’s an outage you’re simply wasting my time before customer service can tell me that...

BobWulff 20 Sep 2014
. I would like to know why you automatically "upgraded" my router, changed the default skin and reset all of it's settings?

MTFFZ 19 Nov 2018
I’m still getting emails with his private info lol. This dude William G just ordered a router and I got all his info

IMSMODE 26 Jul 2018
Same problem periodically phone goes offline (says it is in use), also frequently "cannot connect to the internet" window10...the router signal is strong, I have spoken to others and they have the same problem calling in get all of our reps are busy...many Problems??

The452906th 7 Sep 2018
Yesterday I had to reset my modem and router twice. Today, there is no internet at all. What is happening that's causing these issues? Be direct and upfront about your problems, then make a damn plan to fix them.

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