optimum samsung cable box code cuc - Newburyport-today

nboyce17 12 Apr 2019 shared via Twitter
Optimum sucks! WiFi has been in and out for days! Two cable boxes broken! Can’t send me new router, have no night hours, and sent me a “new” cable box.. a scientific Atlantic with a card! I had Samsung boxes! I think it’s def ur service! Wtf!

Kleysa28 28 Oct 2019 shared via Twitter
I just yelled at Comcast about not having it. They told me its not availible on my cable box so to use their streaming app. I managed to get it on my computer with the link they provided so hopefully I can watch tomorrow via their xfinity stream app. see if your provider has too

SonofBaldwin 9 Jun 2017 shared via Twitter
Guess what, y'all? The old cable box had all the episodes on it.

tkg217 May 23 shared via Twitter
Extremely disappointing with my Altice 1 box. Totally useless. No internet or cable. No help until Tuesday 11-2. I explained that I’m a teacher working from home. But they didn’t care. Time to cancel.

SonofBaldwin 9 Jun 2017 shared via Twitter
So I carried my ass upstairs to see if the old cable box in the guest bedroom had all the episodes on it.

NJSwampThang 13 Apr 2019
Tried rebooting but my Tv shuts off after 3 minutes. Getting a CUC error code on the Samsung box.

JacqBens 11 Sep 2012
You *must* find a way to provide the ability to schedule a DVR+ recording from a DVR cable box! Hugely needed (missing) feature!!

AirlineFlyer 27 Apr 2018
This 1999 article about 's first Sony digital cable box is such a throw back. They ordered 3 million of them for a billion dollars. “This is what I expect to be the last set-top box we roll out" We've had 4 since then.

SonofBaldwin 9 Jun 2017
We were like "Yo, WTF"? So my partner was like, "Bae, go up to the guest room and see if the EPA are on the old cable box."

ImCJtoo 19 Jul 2019
I have too and the same thing happens on my cable box in Old Bridge NJ

JosephAlesandro 16 Oct 2012
start of ALCS game 3 and the second presidential debate and my cable box goes black. GG optimum wait a week for a new one rite?

triangle45 Feb 22
I'm tired of this dishonesty and greediness. They owe us money and credit of many outages that we never got credit. Our cable box was not working for around 3 days and we never got the credit for this.

willmenaker 24 Apr 2019
My cable box is attacking me with a well known slur, are you ok with this ?

Elishivs 28 Mar 2018
Why should you charge the existing customer an extra installation fee to change from the older (routers, cable box, WiFi box) to Altice One? Should be Value addition Service since they already paid installation fee when they switched to Optimum.

nellynyc 1 May 2019
OMG! I thought it was only me! I rebooted my cable box like five times. WTF ? Now the sound is on for the Amazing Race. 😡😡😡

OmniTarget 18 Nov 2019
If you have one box working then it's not an outage, it's the box or cable going to it.

marysierra 28 Nov 2017
Broke up with Fios got together with over weekend and main cable box is dead smh need another tech to come out smh cmon really? You installed a defective box 3 days ago!!!! Ughhhhhh

While watching an update on the state of emergency the other night, disabled my cable box with a 3 minute EAS test. Surely this isn't how it's supposed to work?

lucioorellana26 17 Sep 2019
Why is it that my friend that also has optimum is having no problems with WiFi or channels but I'm can't do anything because there's no WiFi and cable box is not working

selenawrites 29 Aug 2015
Just sent back my old cable box using !

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