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Honestly, bless this cop. I love people like this and I wish there were more people like him.
Police Officer holding 4 year old girl until EMS arrive because...
"Even a skunk can make a baby" This story is wrong and sad and fucked up from start to finish. How do you fix this?
Oh my gosh I want a follow up story of the girl and the police's daughter becoming best friends!
Faith In Humanity Restored - 4 Pics
Faith In Humanity Restored – 4 Pics
True dedication and service. Glad he was recognized as an officer and not “just a dog”. RIP
Rothco's Camobloge: What Do The Thin Lines Mean?
Tears of a Cop Law Enforcement Today www.lawenforcementtoday.com
I'm so proud that I live in a country where this happens. Kudos to the people who helped this gentleman.
Security Check Required
This. 100% this. This is how a well trained and intelligent officer acts.
This. 100% this. This is how a well trained and intelligent officer acts. /// PROOF THAT ABUSE CERTAINLY IS NOT THE ANSWER TO TREATMENT OF ANIMALS!
Real life hero
Faith in Humanity restored
Policeman are our everyday superheroes who are always looking out for the safety of their citizens. This policeman gave his sweatshirt to this homeless guy who was trying to keep his feet warm with a shirt. This policeman gave his sweatshirt to help this man who need it
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faith in humanity restored, dumpaday (21) - Dump A Day
faith in humanity restored, dumpaday (21)
Happy Endings...
Classmates like this:
It's always the lousy cops that make the news. There are plenty of great cops too. I just wanted to remind people ...
Good guy Cop
Social studies idea community, have someone come into the class room

wagatwe 19 Nov 2018 shared via Twitter
If I am ever killed by a domestic partner and the article's subhead is a quote about a dead cop being a hero, please avenge my death.

SkorpiusSaiyan 30 Mar 2019 shared via Twitter
She would do well not to underestimate the young Saiyan. "Nah, I'm not a time cop, I'm a realist. Universal peace doesn't help anyone. Chaos is necessary to maintain balance." He'd learned a lot from his mother; besides, he didn't care much about being a quote unquote hero. --

wagatwe 19 Nov 2018 shared via Twitter
If I am ever killed by a domestic partner and the article's subhead is a quote about a dead cop being a hero, please avenge my death.

OliverKay 9 Nov 2018 shared via Twitter
Guardiola is asked about Dani Alves quote that being coached by him is "better than sex". Guardiola [pause]: "I prefer the sex"

BBWslayer666 18 Nov 2018 shared via Twitter
Starting a new clothing brand named Mentally Trill™️. Currently working on some custom af1’s that I drew flames on with some crayons I found and dad hats w quotes I looked up online about being sad.

Refugees 13 Nov 2018
Volker Türk quotes the famous German philosopher Hannah Arendt, who was herself stateless at the time. Read stories from people about the impact of being stateless, and support our campaign to eradicate it by 2024. ⤵️

Marina_Sirtis 8 Nov 2018
Yes but the pro-gun folks only quote half of the Second Amendment. They don’t read the end of the sentence about being in a “well regulated militia”

bourgeoisalien 14 Nov 2018
No. You're being roasted because you're a lying sack of monkey shit who's bought by the NRA, gives zero fucks about his constituents, and is now lying about election fraud. Yet through it all, your hypocrisy still allows you to quote bible verse to keep playing the rubes. Amazing

jonbartelt 15 Nov 2018
Great quote from an even greater individual - talk about being the difference!

spencerrayner 18 Nov 2018
Good Morning & Happy Mondays Peeps!! 😅🤣😉😊🙃🥰😍 "Beauty is about living your life & being happy with yourself inside & out & not worrying about what people think of you."

sam_amick 17 Nov 2018
Meant to mention this earlier on the Kevin Durant front, but - as I explored here - his quote to (pre-Clippers game) about free agency being off-limits among team topics is pretty damn insightful "We don't get into anyone else's business."

RANK10YGO 16 Nov 2018
OCG users are quote-tweeting my post about pissing and shaking over the new Ojama since it's the the primary source of the image on Twitter (despite there being no proof that it's real) and that's really funny to me for some reason

KayleeSmerbeck 8 Nov 2018
What was that other quote about Riots being Language of the Unheard

FeitsBarstool 15 Nov 2018
About 30 seconds into it I realized that’s what happened but I thought it would be rude to leave. If we’re being honest tho I started giving some great input.

PatFlynn 13 Nov 2018
“A lazy way to earn a living.” I heard this quote a few years ago about creators who create by compiling and listing other people’s creations. To that, I say: 👏🏼 fake 👏🏼 news! . Being an…

hellomag 13 Nov 2018
Prince Charles' cutest quotes about being a grandfather to Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis:

ariverofstars 12 Nov 2018
There's something about about quote retweets ya'll need to know. Twitter DOES NOT count them as being actual retweets! Quote RTs steal views, likes, and ultimately means less engagement & visibility for the original post! I screencapped an example of this for further evidence

DefiinedBeautyy 13 Nov 2018
Like with caution I Am Being Blunt Asf ! ⚠️ Fav this and I will dm you an assumption I have about you💁🏽‍♀️ You have to quote this and tell me if it’s True or False 🦍

Sweetonme81 15 Nov 2018
Can't. I'm busy pinning quotes about relationships instead of actually being in one.

KrisPLettuce 9 Nov 2018
How the hell does Kenny Omega have so many fans? Like every quote from him I've seen come across my TL for the past few months has been dumb as fuck. "It's just a gimmick, you are getting worked!" Well what is impressive about having a gimmick of being a complete fucking idiot?

honeywhee_ 19 Nov 2018
Me: ***wants to tweet something about wheebyul being girlfriends in this mmmtv episode but deletes right away because doesnt want to see quotes and replies about solar being jealous*** Me: ***is sad the whole day*** i cant even tweet about my sinking ship please let me enjoy

Schilling_Cody 13 Nov 2018
This will forever be my favorite Don Meyer quote. “Decide on being a competitor. It’s all about toughness. Learning to compete is a life lesson.” WE>me

HeshmatAlavi 9 Nov 2018
19) goes to voice another concern of ’s regime about its terror plot targeting the Iranian opposition’s annual rally near Paris back in June being foiled. He quotes saying the whole issue is a “sinister false flag ploy.”

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