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Thank You, Nurses! 30+ Messages For National Nurses Week » AllWording.com
Nurses are heroes. Compassion is their superpower. Happy Nurses Week!
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Respectful hearts from 6 ft away
Day 91: A Literal Life Saver
Day 91 S-366-LYDoG: I met the most lovely woman while at the doctor today. She was kind and considerate toward me, a perfect stranger, at a time when I truly needed it. She held my hand, she told m…
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Untitled | #Nursing #Quotes #Inspirational #MatrixMedical matrixmedicalnetw...
Untitled | #Nursing #Quotes #Inspirational #MatrixMedical matrixmedicalnetw...
A big solute and a big thank you to our heroes
Strength through Adversity Quotes | Quotes to help you through the tough times || Quotes to inspire you through the hard times in life. “Hard times don’t create heroes. It is during the hard times when the ‘hero’ within us is revealed.” – Bob Riley #toughtimes #adversity #adversityquotes #strengh #innerstrength #strenghquotes #inspirationalquotes #quotestoinspire #motivationalquotes #qotd #dailyquotes #lifequotes
Quote from the Unknown ✨
Jesus, Christ, quote, words of wisdom, church
30 totally random but totally awesome quotes that will make your day (part 2)
Wow!! I say this to myself EVERYDAY before class and my tests. Love it.
Create your Own Destiny
Control your Destiny. Change requires you to give up what you know, and dive into what you don’t know. #destinytuning #secret #lawofvibration #universallaw #lawofattration #manifestation #abundance #changeyourdestiny #success #happiness #health
36 Wise And Beautiful Quotes And Patterns Can Be Used In Diary DIY,diary,quote
Top 7 Nurses Quotes
Nurses are the real heroes of healthcare. Nurses are lighthouse of humanity and compassion. This is a collection of quotes on nurses and nurses sayings. #Quoteish #NursesQuotes
BestDamnKzoo’s Instagram photo: “Heroes #Kalamazoo #grandrapids #nurses #doctors #heroes #covid_19 #thefight #love #thebest #StaySafe #stayhome #staystrong”
BestDamnKzoo’s Instagram photo: “Heroes #Kalamazoo #grandrapids #nurses #doctors #heroes #covid_19 #thefight #love #thebest #StaySafe #stayhome #staystrong”
You don't build a house without its foundation. You don't build a hospital without its nurses.
Nurses are heroes
Nurse's Prayer by ThreeDamesDreamin on Etsy
Save 100 Lives You Are A Nurse Poster | Zazzle.com
Thank You
Sending love and appreciation to everyone on the front lines, from doctors, nurses and healthcare workers at all levels, to the unsung heroes working long hours to keep our supermarkets stocked and clean. We are grateful for your sacrifice and service to our communities. #RadNet #ThankYou

AnyaBeaupre Apr 11 shared via Twitter
Doctors, nurses, EMS, all medical & elder care workers: I am so grateful to you & hope for your safety & chances for rest + to see your families. Quote from a nurse hits hard: “we aren’t heroes; we are being martyred against our will.” THINK ABOUT THAT. 😷

Cernovich Apr 8 shared via Twitter
Navarro was pushing hard for a travel ban in January, Fauci opposed it. I didn't randomly decide to post this Navarro quote on January 23rd. Fauci was parroted WHO line about COVID-19 not being contagious. Fauci's view ultimately prevailed. Navarro was right.

_HisButterfly Apr 9 shared via Twitter
True love isn't about being inseparable; it's about two people being true to each other even when they are separated.

tourcnt Apr 7 shared via Twitter
*insert that one movie quote about being the captain now*

SESAAC Apr 6 shared via Twitter
Happy National Student-Athlete Day! What’s your favorite thing about being a student-athlete? Quote this tweet with a picture & let us know!

Thank you for sharing this quote from my book Fatal Invention about the deadly ways the biological concept of race has been used to obscure and support racism. It’s especially timely today as Black people’s bodies & behaviors are being falsely blamed for the results of racism.

"The best book about being a football fanatic, ever" That was the quote... this is the book about life on the terraces, Liverpool and clobber.

Quote of the day: “Sounds like more palace intrigue to me, but I’ve also been in quarantine. If true, how ironic that the press secretary would hear about being replaced in the press.” -Stephanie Grisham (WH press secretary & comms director) on rumors of a new incoming press sec.

amandamull Apr 5
Some guy quote-tweeted this with something like “no self-respecting bagel shop would sell something called a cold brew” and like guess what we live in a whole new world now grandpa and in this one, being annoying about my bagel shop will get you blocked

heyo our christian walk is more than sharing pinterest quotes, meeting up and taking pictures of coffee, or going to a 1 hour Sunday service. it’s about denying self, being persecuted, saying no to sin, and sharing the gospel.

AllieRenison Apr 3
People complain about mainstream media being biased but most outlets would never dream of sharing clipped completely out-of-context video quotes. It sounded so outlandish that I immediately looked it up - and immediately found it debunked by

That full Trump quote from earlier: “You can never do anything about the people that lost their loved-ones and lost their friends…I’m sure a lot of people will never be the same. But I think our country from an economic standpoint will end up being stronger than ever”.

sadydoyle Apr 8
So... now that we are all stressed out and reaping the benefits of being stuck together for a month or so, is anyone having fights about "who has it hardest?" If so, what do the fights entail? (I may quote you in something, if you say you're OK with it.)

Hov said sumthin about the leathers in his car being softer than his next door neighbors 🤣🤣🤣 that shit is rec! Someone quote the exact bar

bigseb31213 Apr 7
I forget who said it but the quote about yelling at neera tanden being left comfort food is spot on

King_Of_Shade Mar 30
I feel horrible for Donald Trump, being violated and harassed EVERY DAMN DAY with questions about Quotes of things he said or being made to account for things he's always doing, by bullies like Yamiche & Nancy Pelosi. He is the REAL VICTIM here...

AndrewBarnas Apr 8
[Insert that Darwin quote about being stupid today and hating everything]

kyungley Apr 7
Some of y'all might forget about EXO being OT12 or kristaohan, itself. Let's not forget EXO & Kristaohan. Tonight, im leaving everyone w this famous quote "9 in our eyes, 12 in our hearts" Happy 8th anniversary, .

There goes ya MCM again posting Youngboy quotes about people being fake cause nobody wanna loan him some money

KateEMcCann Apr 11
your tweet about press conference questions reminded me of my favourite quote about being a journalist by AA Gill. Despite the vitriol on here about our profession (there is kindness too, I should add) it always makes me feel proud:

Can't remember the exact quote right now, but something about revolutionary figures being attacked while they're alive, and then rehabilitated into friendly figures for capitalism

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