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Karthik9915 Jan 8 shared via Twitter
Ana Spyder nalla story bro ,ana tamil-telugu la endha flavour ku edukkanumndra confusion la sodhapiduchu.Thuppaki kaththi timela Arm kitta , arima nambi,demonte colony, ayogya,Rangoon directorslam assistants a irundhanga bro ,bro avangellam illa,plus arm takkunu next movie poraru

BrieflyNewsApp 5 Aug 2019 shared via Twitter
Rangoon Radha Preview, Rangoon Radha Story & Synopsis, Rangoon Radha Tamil Movie - Filmibeat. . source:

SarathSarath4 14 Jan 2018 shared via Twitter
Why I love Tamil movies ? Bcz along with routine commercial flicks lot of movies where hero is just a part of story ,hero reacts to situations occured and heroism is shown when plot demands but not creating situation to show heroism. Rangoon is one such movie

4everjeeth 23 Feb 2017 shared via Twitter

ClassySaifian 1 Jan 2017 shared via Twitter
Finally India will have the best Epic war Love Story based movie....SAIF sir making India proud 🙏🙏WOW

EntDC 23 Feb 2017

XitijNanavaty 23 Feb 2017
The movie Rangoon is a Triangular Love story set in Borders of Burma . In short , it's a Burmada Triangle ...!

MicroCelebHub 23 Feb 2017
Movie Review: Rangoon - Rangoon is an ambitious attempt to actually tell a triangular love story against the ba...

MovieCriticFeed 24 Feb 2017
Reviews - Rangoon Movie Review, Box Office Collection, Story, Trailer, Cast & Crew - Times of India

everyfilmneil 18 Jun 2017
Vishal Bhardwaj's Rangoon is an important slice of history submerged by daft love story. 250. Rangoon; movie review

HollyBolly_C 25 May 2016

ativirz 23 Feb 2017

rajgupttaa 5 Jan 2017

I_me_amit 25 Feb 2017
What a fabulous Movie brilliant . Good story 👍👍👍👍✌✌✌✌👌👌👌👌

sh_gorry 2 Feb 2017

PyarShasha 24 Feb 2017

desitubetv 19 Feb 2017
Kareena Kapoor Khan Shares the Story of Her Upcoming Movie Veere Di Wedding ...

SuparnoSatpathy 25 Feb 2017
My friend @Ckb1960in tells me that is a beautiful love story, a subtle tribute to & also that it is a movie. SS

anandviswajit 27 Dec 2017
Best Tamil Film Making (Story, Screenplay, Camera, Different attempt) of 2017, Release Order...

Vairaag_ 4 Sep 2017
Just watched Hindi movie Rangoon. Love Shahid and Kangana's chemistry. Story was good. The British were fckng beasts back then.

naveen_v87 2 Sep 2017
Watched (Tamil). Loved the backdrop the story is set in..the story is very cliched...so is the screenplay. Engaging in parts.

logindinesh05 1 Jul 2017
After Rangoon one more promising watchable movie from Gautam Karthik's IVAN THANTHIRAN story abt college fees with politics

krissdinesh 25 Jun 2017
Rangoon such a awsm movie bro thnks to view on screen our culture and the story was good info to all keep rocking bro😍😍

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