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Showtime released the first episode of the fifth season of financial drama series “Billions,” which opened with a Bitcoin mining bust.The new season, based on the life of the former New York District attorney Preet Bharara, began on May 3 with a plot revolving around a group of cryptocurrency miners operating an illegal Bitcoin (BTC) farm.Previous seasons talked about the world of the stock markets and legal disputes with hedge fund managers on Wall Street. Crypto enthusi
Don Cheadle Takes On The 1987 Stock Market Crash In "Black Monday" Series
Showtime debuted "Black Monday" last night, which deals with the events surrounding 10/19/87 (aka "Black Monday"), which was the worst stock market crash in history. Have you checked it out yet??
#Showtime and #Genius hosted a #premiere party at #ExchangeLA for the new outrageous #Comedy Series #BLACKMONDAY! Set in 1980’s hip New York, this comedy revolves around the stock market crash of 1987, called Black Monday. @StepandRepeatLA printed this hip step and repeat #backdrop for their party!
Yaron Brook Show: Coronavirus, Panic & the Stock Market
Yaron Brook Show: Coronavirus, Panic & the Stock Market
Stock show life . Honor student . Show steer
CBS profit meets Wall Street targets but shares slip
CBS quarterly profit meets Wall Street targets but shares fall --
BILLIONS Season 5 Trailers, Images and Poster
Billions Season 5 Damian Lewis Maggie Siff Image 1
Wall Street Revisits the Crash of '87
Black Monday at 30: Wall Street Remembers the 1987 Stock Market Crash - Bloomberg
10 Places to Find Stock Photos for Your Blog — Blog & Biz - Blog, Squarespace, and Social Media Tips
10 Places to Find Great Stock Photos For Your Blog or Social Media. LOVE these sites!! Girly and feminine styled stock photos for anything! Great tips and tricks!
Arizona National Livestock Show 2017. Heavy weight grand champion market goat
Stock Show Packing Checklist - Sure Champ
Pig Show Packing List
5 Reasons Last Place Isn't So Bad Blog
5 Reasons Last Place Isn't So Bad. Stock show blog post by Ranch House Designs.
BTC(1H): recent rise without volume support show further decline
The stock show circuit can be very stressful on cows. Here are a few tricks and strategies to keep your cows eating, drinking and feeling their best for the show.
‘Black Monday’ Renewed For Season 2 at Showtime
'Black Monday' Renewed For Season 2 at Showtime
Livestock Judging Class - Market Whethers Thank you to Cooper Bounds, Show and Sales Rep at Miller Boer Goats for the officials and reasons!
Black Monday season 2 billboard
BLACK MONDAY Season 2 Trailers, Clips, Images and Posters
Black Monday Season 2 Image 21
How to Write a 4-H Buyer Letter
How to Write a 4-H Buyer Letter. Tutorial on how to write a better letter to get buyers to your livestock auction. Raising kids, tween, teens. 4-H. FFA. Animal projects. Market animals. Fair auction.
Fair stuff
10 Beef Showmanship Questions to Know (Before the Judge Asks) » Silver Barn Cattle
Your answers to a judge’s questions can make the difference between finishing at the top of the class or near the bottom. It’s important to practice at home so you are prepared when you enter the ring.
Showtime Orders Don Cheadle, Andrew Rannells, Regina Hall Comedy ‘Black Monday’ to Series
Don Cheadle, Andrew Rannells, Regina Hall Comedy ‘Black Monday’ picked up to Series by Showtime

DaveDeckard Mar 10 shared via Twitter
After yesterday’s stock market performance, Showtime’s hit show will be retitled “Millions”.

Teensfinance May 10 shared via Twitter
How does one stay entertained in these unknown times? One word, one show, eight letters. Billions.

pianosteve Mar 23 shared via Twitter
Play games??! How dare you?! You and the GOP continue to show time and again that you don’t care about the actual people of this country. Take your millions you made cheating in the stock market, resign, and shut your mouth.

AGentleman_2U Mar 23 shared via Twitter
It’s a show about the stock market on showtime. Regina Hall is in it! Check it out

GsUp_HoesDown Apr 4 shared via Twitter
No it’s a Showtime show n it’s about the guy who crashed the stock market in the 80’s. Shit actually a good watch.

korn2005 Apr 6
Free—showtime BILLONS remember the long running TV Show—S/1 w/12EP 55 min Same with S/2—S3—S/4 The very rich and corrupt wealthy [inside tradings] playing the Stock Market dealing w/some corrupt Gov’t Officials who are as corrupt as the companies they’re trying to take down!

LuxuryStndrd Mar 3
Selling short is a trading strategy for down markets, but there are risks. Surely you've watched Showtime's hit show 'Billions' and as such you've heard the title character use the term "short" in reference to stock investments.

marigalloway Mar 9
It's interesting that they use the name of show for something related to the stock market and coronavirus.

_KJSmith_ May 13
I’m currently binge watching Billions on Showtime and it’s such a good show but during EVERY episode I find myself googling “how does the stock market work”

Davidnutt19 Jan 28

BruceOFarrell Apr 17
We both can show time lines. It really doesn’t look like he cared too much about covid-19. Until it hit the stock market.

NiDaFooFooo May 5
So its a show on showtime starring don cheadle and regina hall ....About the stock market crash in 1987 called black monday ....Its dope/funny as was created by seth rogen and them super bad ppl

IanMarfleet Mar 9
At what? How to deal with CV19? How to stop the stock market from crashing? How to stop war from erupting in the middle east any moment now? I seriously doubt it! Watch some TV, tweet, laze around, then get the make up people time!

judy101855 Mar 15
As you begin today, please keep in mind that the only reason Trump did anything was because the stock market dumped. Otherwise, he NEVER would have addressed Coronavirus. Don't skip that fact in today's show. Time to man up and speak the truth.

Black Monday on Showtime has quickly become one of my favorite shows. Quick and to the point. – at Chester heights field

DHJakeGriffin Mar 19
The stock market is so bad, they’re planning on changing the name of that Paul Giamatti show to “Millions.”

its_jhot Apr 13

shatzakis 19 Dec 2019
Show Time Nears for U.K. Shares With Election Day: Taking Stock - BloombergQuint: via

hero_us May 27
. China is pumping money like crazy into stock markets of Hong Kong and Mainland China, to preserve "prosperous" look. We have now a great time to dump all our China stocks in Hong Kong and China. . SHOW TIME ! . .

GuitarSunCat May 6
Tim Russ is on the most excellent show on streaming TV, right now. It's called Black Monday. It's on Showtime. You must see it. I can't stress this enough. It's a wry comedy based on the actual events of the Black Monday, algorithm driven stock market crash.

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