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High King Peter's beautiful sword Rhindon; it says, "When Aslan bares His teeth, Winter meets its death."
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* * CUB: " Dad, don't get so upset. It'll ruin de rest of de day. Der drivin' away nowz anyway."
F&O Fabforgottennobility
I played with lions in south africa!
Wrong will be right, when aslan comes in sight. At the sound of his roar, sorrows will be no more, when he bares his teeth, winter meest his death, and when he shakes his mane, shall have spring again.
Le heart and zi mind: Song of the Lioness ©
Awesome (original is in color but I like this black and white better)
Crown of Christian V, the official crown that was used for the anointments of Danish absolute monarchs until the end of absolutism in 1849, gold, diamonds and rubies
SAVAGE KING STICKERS / SavageEmpireCompany™
BEYONCÉ • 👑KING BEY🐝 on Instagram: “#Easter Egg Roll Bey. . #Beyoncé • #Beyonce • #BeyHive • #Fashion”
BEYONCÉ • 👑KING BEY🐝 on Instagram: “#Easter Egg Roll Bey. . #Beyoncé • #Beyonce • #BeyHive • #Fashion”
can you feel the buzz tonight by HarenaTigris on DeviantArt
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When he bears his teeth, winter meets it's death. ~ Chronicles of Narnia
with your teeth and ambitions bared
Straight Outta Cheer Practice T-Shirt Funny Cheerleading Tee
Leonine Pride
Leos generally do not respond well to what some others might consider "harmless teasing." One too many affronts to the Leonine dignity, and the teaser will see the kitten's claws flash out, feline teeth bared for a reprimanding strike.
A Pair of Chinese Hand Carved Rosewood Masks of Daoist Deities
Pair Of 1stdibs Figurative Sculptures - Hand Carved Masks Of Daoist Deities Chinese Chinese Export Rosewood
Hilarious photos showing lion lover's tiff at reserve in Kenya
Fearsome: The situation seems to escalate when she takes a swipe at him while continuing to growl and show her teeth to the poor male
The Chronicles of Narnia
"These scenes still fill me with awe!" (author unknown) - and I say, "Yes. Indeed, they do!"
Hilarious photos showing lion lover's tiff at reserve in Kenya
Not impressed: The grumpy lioness swishes her tail and shows her sharp teeth to the large male who looks bemused at why she is so upset.
Yawning lion
Edmund the Just and Lucy the Valiant. (Edited by Fellow Traveler) I bet no one is going to save this. Lol.
FWF. Hiatus. — I like photos of Freddie Mercury where you can...
FWF. Hiatus. — I like photos of Freddie Mercury where you can...
Huey the Hippo Garden Statue
Raise your chalice high to sip the nectar of the gods and enjoy the royal treatment at your next Bacchanalian gathering, wedding or birth celebration! With enviable Medieval flair, the fluted metal of our Design Toscano-exclusive goblets is designed to echo the pleats of Queen Genevieve's legendary Renaissance gowns. Arriving with a richly polished brass finish that would make King Arthur and his court proud, this collectible, 7oz. cocktail goblet is ready for your next high-profile toast! Hand
Buck-wolfdog - Hobbyist, Digital Artist | DeviantArt
Nala! My second favorite Lion King Character. My favorite Lion King Character is Kiara! Kiara is Simba's daughter. Kiara is on Lion King 2: Simba's Pride

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