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eva68guerin 19 Dec 2018 shared via Twitter
Ich mag das -Video: Apple Watch Series 4 ECG Featured enabled

aevoriejoan 26 Aug 2019 shared via Twitter
Apple Watch Series 4 — How to take an ECGApple via iinjnij

shaangupta20 18 Apr 2019 shared via Twitter
👍 on : Apple Watch Series 4 - Smartwatch with ECG - My Opinions 🔥🔥🔥

PersianPrince85 16 Apr 2019 shared via Twitter
How To Use Apple Watch Series 4 ECG Feature: Check it out on my YouTube channel: Apple Watch ECG Test Don’t forget to Subscribe 👍

victor_basu_360 14 Apr 2019 shared via Twitter
Are ECG taken by Apple Watch series 4 reliable? How much accurate they are? Could they replace the ECG machines that are present at hospitals? Know everything about ECG taken by apple watch series 4 in this video. via

A51FR3D 1 Feb 2019
APPLE: Apple's 'How to take an ECG' video teaches how to use the feature on an Apple Watch Series 4: Apple has published a new video to its YouTube account teaching people how to use the Apple Watch Series 4's ECG feature, with the brief video detailing…

PhilAdamR 1 Feb 2019
Deactivating the comments on this shows that you feel guilty not spreading the ecg function around the 🌍 as advertised! so I am giving you my 💩 about it here! Apple Watch Series 4 — How to take an ECGApple via

faizantariq65 29 Jan 2019
Apple Watch Series 4 -- Health Benefits Taking ECG with Apple Watch: via

DigitalSahay 10 Dec 2018
I added a video to a playlist Tech News #10 Samsung A8s launched, Apple Watch 4 ECG Features, Airtel

markjohn1 6 Dec 2018
I liked a video Apple Watch Series 4 ECG Demo! (watchOS 5.1.2)

MeetStevenSun 6 Dec 2018
I liked a video Apple Watch 4's ECG feature is rolling out today | Engadget Today

DVSMorpheus 18 Nov 2018
I liked a video How Does the Apple Watch Series 4 Take an ECG?

FeckTech 16 Sep 2018
Apple Watch Series 4 | ECG (Electrocardiogram) explanation | Full Specification: via

VaibhZ_JCVP11 13 Sep 2018
I added a video to a playlist Apple Watch Series 4: Electrocardiograms (ECG) on a Watch!

TechyAgent 11 Sep 2018
🔴 LIVE - Apple Watch Series 4 ECG Heart Sensor: via

SariisMakeup 8 Sep 2018
please this is VERY important that you watch this... My Response: 4 Truth in Makeup | via @estelaestremera

SpencerOwen 5 Sep 2018
The is back, but not as you know it. 4 of YouTube’s most talked about teams, 1 epic football tournament & some new twists on old rules! Watch my team take on the F2FC, Rebel FC & XO in the most exciting yet. Tickets:

PortablesSalem 7 Sep 2018
ARE YOU READY? XS & Apple Watch 4 In Motion! HUGE Changes via

dawnfry24 7 Sep 2018
Watch Maximus get wrecked in Fallout 4 Playthrough Part 11 Settlements And More (PS4 PRO) Interactive... via

westwoodraider 5 Sep 2018
I know you like music. If you want fire, watch this Terry Kath solo around the 2:45 mark. It’s phenomenal and will take your mind away from politics! Enjoy Chicago - 25 or 6 to 4 - 7/21/1970 - Tanglewood (Official) via

King_Kenny_XXIV 9 Sep 2018
Twitch Stream | [PC] Left 4 Dead 2 (Part 6) via . More Left 4 Dead 2 on the PC. Go Watch!!! Dead By Daylight Part 2 is next!

MooseMan1956 10 Sep 2018
Why Trudeau spent $4.5 billion to nationalize an oil pipeline via A must watch video about our pipelines and insane Trudeau.

BunnyRanchMedia 4 Sep 2018
Did you miss Last Weeks Shows? Well they are all available to watch on our Channel right now! All 4 episodes are ready for you 😀😍

PhilTaylor 6 Sep 2018
4 days to go until the official product launch - I don't know about you guys but I am VERY exited! Watch LIVE with us from 2.30PM GMT on the 10.09.18 by subscribing to Target’s YouTube channel here: 🎥 YouTube ➡

PatrickMcClongo 5 Sep 2018
Rick and Morty season 4 prepare yourselves and watch this video! Rick and Morty meet Thanos! Infinity RICK Montage Rick and Morty Avengers via

LauraPrince284 4 Sep 2018
So... I went back and watch the Amulet book 4 trailer. PLZ make a book trailer like this one! Amulet Book Four: The Last Council - trailer via

FlGURED 7 Sep 2018
watch this shit bois Techne | Call of Duty 4 PC Montage via

Queen_Anita1 7 Sep 2018
Come and join live now Yo-kai Watch Blasters - Red Cat Corps / White Dog Squad: Episode 4! (100... via

LukasReames 1 Sep 2018

BTS7ofHeaven 10 Sep 2018
[Foreign Correspondents] Ep.103 - Controversies over South Korea's compu... via Skip to 4:15 and watch up to 11:11 Who should be exempted from the military?

grimsonrose 10 Sep 2018
Black ops 4 blackout battle royal via come watch our stream Rt please and thank you

Bosco685 8 Sep 2018
I can't watch this yet. VUDU was having a season sale and had this for $4.99 so I am finally watching all the episodes of . Up to Episode 9 now.

AmyLGrosso 10 Sep 2018
"We are not the things we have done, but the things we have overcome." Take 4 min to watch Bend Not Break by via

njpwglobal 9 Sep 2018
Road to DESTRUCTION Night 4 - Post match comments: Watch videos with English / Japanese subs on NJPW Official YouTube Channel▶︎

Bowsernyan 8 Sep 2018
Gostei de um vídeo Watch Blasters - Red Cat Corps / White Dog Squad: Episode 4! (100%

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